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Majeske Home Inspection Service provides comprehensive home inspection work that can help you avoid potential hazards. Our services are available in the greater Lansing area.

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What We Do

Built-In Appliances and Systems

Unseen damages in built-in appliances and systems of your home could eventually cause accidents. Let us have a look at them so we can assess if they need repairing to avoid any dangers.


The plumbing system is one of the most essential parts of a house but is often neglected. Once it malfunctions, it could lead to a total disruption of your daily activities. We can conduct a thorough inspection to see if there are any sections of your plumbing needs fixing so your trusted plumber can take care of it.

Interior Rooms

We can make assessments on various parts of your interior rooms. Let us recommend solutions that will help keep these parts of the house safe and secure.

Fireplace and Wood-Burning Stoves

A faulty fireplace or wood-burning stove is a fire hazard that must be immediately addressed. We can inspect these parts of the property to see if there is anything that needs urgent attention.

Attic and Roof Framing

A sturdy framing helps keep the attic and roof of a house intact. However, there are factors that can deteriorate the quality of this structure. Rely on us to find damages or flaws in the design so that a contractor can come and fix it for you.

Electrical System

Faulty electrical components and wiring can result in dangerous situations. You can trust us to thoroughly inspect your electrical system in order to find anything that may pose a hazard.

Heating and Cooling

You can depend on us to make a comprehensive inspection of your heating and cooling systems. Our findings can help your trusted HVAC contractor make the necessary repair work easier.

Decks, Porches, or Patios

These structures are subject to daily stresses such as the weather and the weight of people or objects. If damages caused by these factors go unnoticed, accidents can happen. You can always turn to us to find and assess signs of deterioration so that the necessary repairs can be done.


Parts of your home’s exterior endure the daily battering of the elements. This makes them prone to damages. Majeske Home Inspection Service can make inspections for the different components so a contractor can fix the issues if there is a need.

Foundations, Basements, and Under-Floor Areas That Are Visible

Cracks or unwanted movements sometimes happen in the foundations or basements of a property. We can check the visible parts to see if such scenarios have already taken place. After that, we can recommend the next steps to take in order to slow down or stop the progression of these damages.


As one of the primary protections of a property from the elements, the roof must be regularly inspected in order to prolong its lifespan. We can perform a detailed inspection job for your roofs so that any flaws can be immediately tagged for fixing.

Parking or Garage

You can rely on us to carry out inspections for your parking spaces or garage. Some components of these parts can be very hazardous even with the tiniest malfunctions. Our findings are a great help when professional repair work is needed.


The structure and composition of the land around your home can have major effects on the property. Let us assess any flaws in the grading of the landscaping so that necessary adjustments can be done before these become a hazard.

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